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  • Gabriel Rodriguez

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    02/14/2024 at 23:32

    I’ve had my VF8 Plus for 2 months now and I love the way it drives but I agree it was not ready for primetime. VF brought it to market 1 year too early. I agree it’s a new company and has a lot of quirks to work out BUT when you are promoting the car as a luxury car and for a luxury price, I would expect to receive a car in close to perfect condition. Maybe VF should have sold the first lot at a lower price until the quirks got worked out, we shouldn’t have to pay a luxury price for a car that is not ready. Anyone else would feel the same way if they bought another luxury car brand and had many issues pop up within the first week. I’m not saying I want to return the car as I know once the quirks are cleared up, it’ll be a great car to hold on to but current facts speak for themselves.