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  • Ramakrishna Gude

    40 VF Points
    02/12/2024 at 09:15

    Vinfast entered US market with very big wrong foot. So many mistakes in its strategies and decision makings, starting from pricing to delivering sub standard mileage vehicles and promises that they can’t keep. If it want to continue in US markets, then it should start changing its total organization strategies first by removing top level from Vietnam to put someone from US. You can’t control US market with Vietnam mindset. Even Hyundai took several decades and faced several backlashes before it could able to fully understand the US market. Does Vinfast has that much money and courage to withstand and grow? I think at this moment it is just draining the money out without any thought and strategy. I do have some stocks, but I am sure I can’t sell them for profit 😀. Not sure if they even honor my reservation at the price they promised in the beginning. Just felt like sharing my views being one of the initial subscribers.