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    02/01/2024 at 02:30

    It’s business! The EV sales market now is different from when we got our City Edition. The new deal doesn’t include the one-year free charging like what VF offered to Vinfirsts months AFTER delivery dates (so VF did try to sweeten our deals even after we got the car). It’s unfortunate for us Vinfirsts but I don’t think we can expect anything differently.

    What I and some Vinfirst owners are doing is to lease a 2nd car with the new deal. This is good if you plan to keep the car after the 3-year lease. Even if you don’t need a second car at this time, the extra car’s payment will still make it cheaper to do it if you look at the total price of the new car since you will return the CE when the 2-year lease ends. Try to do some calculation and you will see that this solution makes sense since the CE lease payment is much higher than the SE and so is its residual value.