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  • Hung Giang

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    01/31/2024 at 22:18

    For the record, I was a supporter of Vinfast and I was the VF8 pioneer. After 9 months, 2 VF8, Vinfast bought my car back.

    Today, I received a 1099 from Vinfast for the incentive that they paid me after my first car was in their shop for almost 2 weeks.

    Vinfast is making like I earn something from them on the 1099 for almost $900. This is rediculous. They paid for the damages and Vinfast is forcing me to pay income tax on this.

    I am no longer a supporter of Vinfast. They do not know how to do legitimate business in America. They can be king in Vietnam, but not here.

    Vinfast California management, please do not ask me to remove my post again since I will not.