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  • Natalie Ly

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    11/08/2023 at 20:21
    • Apple Play has never worked => Apple CarPlay has been working for me since pick up. With, Apple CarPlay loads even faster than before. However, 1 complaint is Carplay Apple Map doesnt display turn by turn on HUD and doesnt narrate directions anymore. prior to this, Carplay Apple Map displayed directions on HUD and also narrated.
    • The 360 cameras don’t work => Mine has always worked. I usually wait till camera icon fully loaded before shifting to Drive or Reverse. I know an owner whose 360 cam was messed up, so technician has to re-calibrate for it to work.
    • The driver door handle unlock button doesn’t work => I always use this button on driver’s door handle to unlock with no issues.
    • The car rolls backwards on hills and there is a delay in the response of the accelerator to catch the car. We are worried we will hit the car behind us => To avoid this, I always turn Creep on mode and step on brake. My previous ICE car had hill assist kick in very early on, so i never had to hold on to the brake while on steep hill. With VF8, i now turn on Creep mode and hold on to brake. yes sucky but definitely something can be improved upon.
    • The climate control settings do not work => with, climate setting is saved to the last one you set before locking the car.
    • The car audio system stopped working along with all warning chimes and turn signal indicators => wow no sound at all?
    • The Vinfast app does not support the car.
    • Remote control won’t work => apparently, they turn off remote control. I activated this remote control i guess before they turned this feature off.
    • vehicle errors don’t show up when they happen on the car => does sound like your car and app are not linking with each other
  • The squeaking at the back of the car
    • This has been repaired twice and comes back as service is doesn’t have the replacement parts to resolve it ==> In Vietnam, they had way to fix these sounds, but it seems like they are determined to upgrade us with suitable parts after they go through more testing.

    I was optimistic that the car should perform better after updating firmware to However, after reading your comments here with issues even for hardware parts, maybe Lemon Law to replace you a brand new car is a better option.

    Keep us posted, Chris