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  • Natalie Ly

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    10/17/2023 at 22:35

    VF8 was delivered in Vietnam in 09/2022 then started delivery in California in 03/2023. With that timeline, I was expecting a 6-month gap between Vietnam delivery and California’s delivery meaning possibly 11/2023 delivery here.

    In Vietnam they delivered VF9 in 05/2023, but ADAS was only activated recently. To be honest, I wouldn’t pick up VF9 if ADAS isnt active yet since it works flawlessly with my VF8.

    Please be patient and let VF fine tune this VF9 before bringing here to compete with other EVs. However, i do agree with you on proactively communicating with reservation holders. Ready or not, VF needs to have some ways to convey their plans.

    Thank you for voicing your concern.