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  • Hieu Nguyen

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    08/10/2023 at 07:57

    when booking, you have to pay hotel surcharge based on location. if you bring more than 4 people to the trip, you have to pay full price for each even they share your room, and the catch is you have to pay for their 3 buffets per day as well (about $100 per day per additional person), but the food is mediocre at best. Alcoholic beverage and beer are not included in the offer, and you pay 5 times the cost compared to outside the hotel because their property is rated 5 stars. I had my parent-in-law to join me, and yes, I paid about $1500. With this cost, I could pay for th nearby Marriott hotel and get a better service as their elite member. So, I paid hotel surcharges about $300 for Phu Quoc and $1200 for Ha Long. I have not included money I paid for drinks and miscellaneous.