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  • Natalie Ly

    40 VF Points
    08/01/2023 at 23:46

    Hi Gabriel

    9.6 is definitely on the right track:

    *Speed Chime setting is saved. I usually turn off Chimes for Speed, so I always see yellow warning “Speed Chime is off. Please drive carefully” or something along those lines.

    *Lane setting is saved for 24 hours per profile. Back then Lane Keeping setting reverted back to default after each time locking the car.

    *Start up sequence is a bit faster for loading all cameras. I have found a way to decrease start-up time by enabling “Camp mode” if I were out and about and try to stop by a place in less than 2 hours. With AC off, battery went down about 1-2% in 2 hours.
    *Key fob linking helps getting in the car and go a bit more streamline without having to select a profile and enter password.

    *HUD brightness is now saved. Back then I had to adjust brightness every time.
    *Efficiency rate is better. I was geting 2.8-3.0 miles/kwh, but now it’s 3.2 miles/kwh.

    *Karaoke app is removed 🙁 no more karaokeing with the kids in the car, but we do have more games available now

    *Alexa is the only voice command now. We are an Alexa household, so we have been relying on Alexa to: open/close garage door, turn on/off lights/fan remotely…

    However, i did see a few more Drive Fault red alerts. Each time, I just locked the car and waited for 5 mins. Then the car would start with no problem.