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  • Scott Davis

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    06/14/2023 at 12:27

    I was part of the free charging but changed to home charger thinking j would be able to put charger in the garage. However was not able to do so as our breaker is upstairs and we live in Townhome so was not going to spend money to tear up all the walls so they can run the wire to garage.

    However, when I did get the free charging I think they messed up and gave me the plan thru ChargeHub which was for Canada. As America should be thru ElectrifyAmerica. Well if you do end up getting free charging it will take about a week after purchase to get said plan. And if it is on ChargeHub they will not work on EA chargers but will on EVGo chargers. If they can not get the EA credits done that is false advertisement claim as they were advertising EA charging free for 3 years on the ChargeUp program.