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    05/20/2023 at 10:15

    Hi Gabriel Rodriguez,

    Thank you for the comment! At VinFast, we understand that there are a number of opportunities for improvement in terms of product quality, and we have been listening closely to our community and collecting feedback on a daily basis.

    Software issues can be resolved by Over-The-Air firmware updates. In fact, we are currently working tirelessly to roll out FSR 9.6, a firmware update that is expected to fix a bunch of software-related issues that have been hampering our customers’ experience with our vehicles. Other issues mentioned in recent reviews are being closely examined as well, and we are aiming to deliver the fix for them with this and the coming updates.

    The driving feel is a whole different beast as feelings can be very subjective. On top of that, VinFast has to abide to numerous safety regulations regarding design. Therefore, design changes might take a bit longer to implement. But rest assured that we appreciate all of your feedback so far and work is being done in the backend to make our current vehicles and future iterations and models more satisfying to drive to the majority of drivers. We will reach out to our customers shortly on this agenda. Among all endeavors across VinFast disciplines, the latest VinFast Lease Forward Program is the initiative to bring better customer experience. Our customers can expect to be put in the driver seat of a brand-new and much-improved VF 8 after just 12 months! You can find the details for this new program here: https://vinfastauto.us/vehicles/vf-8ce.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day!