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  • Gabriel Rodriguez

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    05/19/2023 at 18:25

    While it was a nice response, it didn’t address the issues or questions Hieu had. While VinFast has been promising to communicate with pioneers since early last year, it has not succeeded or shown transparency throughout the process.

    Can all or most issues with the VF8’s be solved with software updates? Does this include issues with suspension?

    When you say “to reach perfection might take time” are you referring to later cars like vf5, vf6 & vf7 or current vf8 cars in the 2nd shipment?

    It would be nice to know what Vinfast and engineers are doing to address the issues other than software updates. Help us to understand what is being done so we have hope and feel comfortable holding out for a vf8.

    It was a shock to hear Anh Nguyen, Vinfast CEO describe negative reviews as “Noise”. I don’t understand how a CEO can be so dismissive of reviews and concerns Vinfast pioneers who have leased cars are experiencing.