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  • George Sami

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    05/09/2023 at 13:01

    I just received delivery on Sunday, 5/7. I tried charging for the first time last night using a level II charger that I know for certain works because I charged my wife’s EV earlier in the day and it charged just fine. I plugged in my level II charger at night and the battery was at 46%. The car charged over night. When I woke up today, I was shocked and upset to find that the car charged only 4% (it got to 50%) after 8 hours of charging. The 8 hours of level II charging should have fully charged the car. And, the Vinfast charge port light was flashing green when I plugged in, meaning there were no issues. Has anyone else experienced the same issue How? How am I supposed to use an EV car ( that I need to go to and from work!) that charges at this ridiculously slow rate?! I called customer service this morning and I was told the Service Center will call me to schedule a time to bring it in. So far, this has been a very bad first impression, Vinfast! I hope you turn it around quickly, or you won’t survive. I too share the frustration of other members on this forum.