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  • Chris Gerrick

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    04/27/2023 at 14:20

    Having the same issue. The car wont charge for more the 20 minutes (2% put back into the battery) and then turns off. I use the same plug to charge my other car (Tesla) with no issues. I was monitoring the charge in the span of a minute charging cycled from 2 amps to 30 amps to 7 amps to 2 amps then shut off. In talking to service this is a known issue, however service has no updates other than it’s been reported. Today I spent 5 1/2 hours trying to charge the car and it only improved by 12% (59% to 71%) and it falls further behind every day. 6 weeks of playing this game and I am over this car already. Cannot save any of the setting ing the car, cannot drive 1 mile without every major system reporting faults. I have had services at my house 4 times in 6 weeks and keep being told they are waiting for software updates from engineering. They can’t even provide the license plate mount. Queue the lawyers.