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  • Alex F

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    03/24/2023 at 09:22

    Wow that’s a great find. I don’t know why but I honestly didn’t expect the VF8 to do as well as it did. I saw some interesting responses from the car (such as airbags not as controlled and trim pieces that be a concern for cosmetic injury). One thing that was new to me was the airbag between the driver and the front passenger, I think it’s a great idea.

    Out of curiosity, I compared the videos to NCAP’s testing of the Volvo XC60 (who has a great safety record) and I’d have to say I think the Volvo held up slightly better (seemed to have more structural rigidity and slightly better airbag response), however despite that the VF8 did way better then a comparable size Honda SUV and I thought seemed to do a great overall job.

    Vinfast really does need to do a better job at promoting things like this, instead of general/generic words/promotions.