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  • Natalie Ly

    40 VF Points
    03/08/2023 at 22:13

    I received my VF8 yesterday, and it’s been a pleasant experience so far.

    It was bit of an adjustment since this is my very first EV. Overall, there are so much tech in this car and so many settings that we cant wait to explore them all. I’ve been telling people around me about VF, and it’s satisfying that the vehicle is finally here. Bugs here and there would be fixed with a few OTA updates. my next-door neighbor stopped by and chatted with my hubby and was convinced to getting 1 soon. we should earn some commission as a result.

    We tested ADAS on the freeway last night and just loved the smooth handling.

    I need to learn to not slam on the accelerator while on Eco mode to conserve battery.