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  • Scott Davis

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    01/22/2023 at 18:19

    VinGroup is learning the hard way that things that might have worked in Vietnam will not work here. And saying they are priced competitively is a complete lie. I am an early reservation holder and reason being was for the Battery Lease making the vehicle affordable. I am getting close to cancelling my reservation soon as well. If Vingroup can take the hit and offer the VF8 and 9 at the original price of battery subscription but batteries included they would be a competitor. But for now their vehicles are priced too high in a soon to be saturated market here in the USA. They need to drop the prices down a lot especially with Tesla dropped their prices to allow for the Tax Credit. And, Remember everyone in USA knows right now that VinFast does not qualify for the tax rebate even with a signed agreement per IRS stipulation saying if you have a signed agreement on or before August 16, 2022 but delivery is not made until after 1/1/23 new rules will apply. Which means none of the Vinfast vehicles will qualify for tax credit.

    However, the only way to get credit for Vinfast now is for the leasing clause which then they can just take the $7500 off car as a cost reduction, But by the time VF8’s are sold the Battery Mineral guidance will be set up which means Vinfast even thru leasing will only qualify for $3750 until they get their plant running in North Carolina.