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  • Scott Davis

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    12/14/2022 at 07:29

    I agree here. I am not a VinFirst Reservation Holder but was going to be but waited too long. But the Limited range and not much of a discount only 3k off the sticker price and then if a VinFirst Holder the 3k voucher makes it only 6k off the sticker price which in return makes it not really worth the price.

    THis like others could have mentioned could have been the batch for mostly Showrooms, Test Drives for showrooms, and Rental Car Agencies (Autonomy) as well already know they place an order for quite a few VF8. But I think they are testing ground to see if it is even worth it for those vehicles. I am sure they will get used or sold to the right buyer but not sure they will at the price they are offering. They would have to drastically drop the prices down to like maybe mid to high $30k for it to even probably sell. Because if they looking to make that version just a city car people can get the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt both will like 250 miles of range for half the cost they are trying to sell the City Edition of the VF8.

    Maybe these did well in Vietnam who knows or this was their plan after all to release a City Version first just to meet the end of year deadline. For the ones who do take them up on this offer may still get the 7500 tax credit that ends on 12/31/22.