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  • Why Taking Care of The Tires On Your EV is Really Important

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    12/10/2022 at 22:13

    Each part of a car holds different importance on how we can drive it on the road. While an electric vehicle is relatively easy to maintain, one essential element of the EV is more critical to keep an eye on than the other. Every car has four of these; without them, our vehicle wouldn’t be able to be driven smoothly on the many terrains we encounter along the way. What’s the answer: tires.

    Why taking care of the tires on your EV is that important? Mostly the issues with tires on an electric car come down to the weight of the vehicle itself. An electric vehicle weighs about 10% heavier than a gas-powered vehicle. With the battery generally located below the chassis, thus the heavy battery puts a lot of strain on the tires. Those tires take on severe stress to keep our vehicle driving smoothly. However, with the extra weight, the tires have to take on, tires will wear around 20% faster than tires on a traditional ICE vehicle. The more you drive, the more your tires will wear out, simply put, it is wear and tear. All the parts that we use in life are the same. Nothing lasts forever, from the standard equipment you use in your house and your office to your car.

    Because if the tread on your tires wears out, your vehicle will have less grip. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to control and makes your daily drive much more uncomfortable. Not only that, but it will also put you in danger if you don’t properly inspect the tread on your EV. Another issue the more you drive is the loss of air pressure in your tires. Suppose your tires fall below what the manufacturer has stated. It will be a noisier drive on your vehicle. The tires will take more load on top and will wear at a faster rate. Low air pressure can also lead to extra rolling resistance. You are making your vehicle less efficient because the EV requires more energy from the battery to keep the car’s performance optimal.

    Therefore, when owning an EV, taking care of your tires is one the most crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of your vehicle and yourself. And making your ride a more enjoyable experience for much longer while you are on the road.




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    12/12/2022 at 10:47

    What tires come on the VF8? Are they the new type of tires for electric cars?

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