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  • Why Do We Celebrate World EV Day?

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    12/11/2022 at 20:11

    The World EV Day campaign aims to raise awareness about the health and environmental benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and to encourage governments, businesses and individuals to take action on climate change by adopting EVs. World EV Day is held annually on September 9.

    “World EV Day is focused on attracting attention to the need for electric cars, and we expect that this campaign will drive the world towards a zero-emissions future,” said Frank Muehlon, Global Sales Manager of EV Infrastructure Solutions for ABB.

    In addition, Ade Thomas, founder of the media business Green.TV, added: “We want to ensure that World EV Day will address urgent concerns such as climate change and air quality. At the same time, we encourage everyone to use EVs to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

    EVs are better for the environment because there are fewer emissions generated from their production and use; they have a lower carbon footprint than traditional vehicles—with fewer greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere. Plus, driving an EV can help you save money, too! Buying an EV reduces dependency on foreign oil imports which helps keep costs down for consumers as well as reducing our dependence upon foreign reserves held by other countries.

    To Strengthen EV Charging Infrastructure Globally

    World EV Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of EVs and their benefits. There are many ways you can get involved but one thing is clear—we need more options for charging EVs.

    The development of charging infrastructure is still a key challenge for EV adoption. For many people, the decision to purchase an EV hinges upon whether they live in or near areas with readily accessible charging stations.

    As more people switch to EVs, the need for reliable and affordable charging infrastructure will only become more acute. In fact, according to some estimates, around 290 million charging points will be needed globally by 2040 to power the transition to EVs, requiring a total global investment of ~$500b.

    Therefore, it’s crucial that we improve the EV charging infrastructure globally. More charging stations mean that more people will be able to drive EVs, which means a cleaner environment for everyone. It also frees up our dependence on fossil fuels and helps reduce greenhouse gases. As more people choose EVs, this will help lower the cost of owning an electric car, as well as make it easier for families who depend on cars to get around every day.

    To Make The World Free From Carbon Emissions

    We’re seeing more extreme weather events, rising sea levels and temperatures, and a host of other negative consequences that are hurting our planet and our health. When it comes down to it, the biggest contributor to these problems is the burning of fossil fuels. That’s why we celebrate World EV Day—to help reduce carbon emissions by promoting the use of zero emission vehicles. By driving an EV instead of one powered by gasoline or diesel, you can play a significant role in reducing your environmental impact while also improving air quality for yourself and others around you.


    EV Day is a day of celebration and encouragement for the EV community. It’s also an opportunity to look back on how far we’ve come, and where we can go from here as a global community in terms of sustainability and energy conservation.

    In fact, VinFast will cease producing gas-powered cars in the next two and a half year. The company is ramping up production of electric SUVs, with plans for factories in the US and Germany.

    While EVs have only been around since 2008, they have already made great strides toward achieving their goal of creating a cleaner future—one that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or emit harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We hope that by reading this article today, you will feel excited about what lies ahead for tomorrow!



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