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  • VinFirst benefits/vouchers expire | Outside California availability

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    01/30/2024 at 23:16

    @Vinfast team

    What’s the plan for the VinFirst reservation holders who were early supporters by paying the reservation fee from other states outside California and also converted their reservation to an order agreement to taking advantage of tax rebates?
    1. Cars are still not available to order outside of California

    2. VinFirst vouchers expired on 12/31/2023

    We have not heard any update, options or email communications. Not sure what our options are here. Can we at least get the reservation fee refunded since I dont see a possibility to order cars outside of California anytime soon.

    Community member, please pitch in what might be best here

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    • Refund reservation fee (even if order agreement is signed)
    • Extend vouchers validity by couple more years (applicable to use on any new models too)



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  • hieu tran

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    01/31/2024 at 10:03

    i had cancelled my reservation early jan24 after talkin to a rep but if i had known o options were available i d kept my reservation…

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