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    12/10/2022 at 20:20

    The battery fitted to a typical electric vehicle can weigh as much as 1000 lbs. and occupy a large part of the floor pan. Manufacturers anticipate that they may last around ten years, but you will eventually need to replace them. So, can you recycle or reuse something as large and potentially costly as a battery?

    VinFast Leads the Way

    VinFast leads the way when it comes to recycling lithium-ion batteries. We are working with one of the leading recyclers in the US, Li-Cycle Holdings, to create a closed-loop battery supply chain. This initiative will help to enhance the environmental goals of both companies, and it also puts VinFast in front of most other electric vehicle manufacturers in this arena.

    VinFast is one of the only leading EV manufacturers to make a significant investment by teaming up with Li-Cycle Holdings. It’s a substantial undertaking, considering that the global electric vehicle battery recycling market may grow at a compound rate of more than 40% in the years ahead.

    And VinFast intends to be a pioneer in other battery-related matters. We now offer a battery subscription program, which bears responsibility for repairs, maintenance, and replacement from the cradle to the grave, helping to make life much easier for vehicle owners.

    How the EV Battery Recycling Industry Is Developing

    • The US Department of Energy has put aside $3 billion in a pair of programs, which includes money for battery recycling development.

    • The government has also formulated a strategy for reusing and recycling old batteries from the federal fleet. The Strategic EV Management Act calls for federal agencies to collaborate with manufacturers and recyclers to create a strategic plan.

    • Meanwhile, companies like Battery Resources are setting up gigafactories in places like Covington, GA, to recycle old EV batteries. Other organizations are setting up programs to help collect and re-purpose EV batteries.

    • The former CTO of Tesla, JB Straubel, has set up a materials recycling company called Redwood Materials. This company’s primary goal is to set up a system that reduces the need to mine raw materials by creating a closed-loop supply chain instead.

    Making It Easy for the Motorist

    VinFast intends to take the lead in battery recycling and become a truly environmentally friendly EV manufacturer.

    Let us know what you think. Do you believe that the industry is doing enough to tackle the issue of EV battery recycling? What do you think about VinFast’s subscription program? Leave us a comment below.



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