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  • Review of VinFast’s EV Home Charging Station Process

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    12/11/2022 at 21:49

    Consumers often talk about charging challenges when they consider buying an electric vehicle. So, manufacturers want to focus on this potential stumbling block and make charging as simple, straightforward, and affordable as possible.

    VinFast, one of the rapidly growing manufacturers in the US EV market, has come up with an answer by creating a new program called “Charged-Up” across America. What is this, and how can it make buying an electric vehicle even more attractive?

    How is VinFast Developing Charging Solutions?

    VinFast believes in fast innovation. Earlier in 2022, the company announced a partnership between itself and Electrify America (known as “Plug and Charge”), offering two complimentary recharging sessions across Electrify America’s 800 charging stations.

    What Is the Charged-Up Program?

    Still, VinFast decided to up the ante by introducing its Charged-Up program. This now offers a one-year Smart Driving package and charging options for clients reserving a new VF8 or VF9 model.

    One of the options under this program gives customers complimentary charging from the day they take delivery of the vehicle for three years. This program is once again in partnership with the Electrify America network.

    What Does the Home Charging Option Involve?

    The second option allows customers to get a Level II Home Charging kit, with a $1200 credit to help with installation costs (through a recognized service provider).

    The home charger offers up to 40% faster charging speeds than the average mobile charger. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can expect some additional smart features (in current development).

    What Are the Additional Perks?

    VinFast will offer some consumers an additional perk when they make a reservation for the VF8 or VF9. If they reserve within the time allowed, VinFast will offer them a permanent subscription fee for the vehicle’s battery lease. The company will extend this offer for the lifetime of the battery. Drive by VinFast to learn more about it.

    What do you think of VinFast’s home charging station offer? Could it persuade you to reserve a VF8 or VF9? Let us know in the comments beneath.



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