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  • My Review of the VF8 while at CES 2023

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    01/15/2023 at 22:56

    Hello everyone. My name is JohnnyD Nguyễn. I was given the opportunity to fly out to Las Vegas last week to check out the VF8 to do a ride and drive of the car.

    We started off our day with a chauffeured ride from our hotel to the convention center. I learned during the ride that this was the very first passenger pick up for VinFast on a public road in the state of Nevada. Our driver gave us a full walkthrough of all the features of the control system. The large touch screen was nice.

    We arrived at the convention center and went straight to the VinFast booth. It was impressive. Probably one of the largest there. I noticed right away that there were four models on display. One other cool announcement was the line up of electric bikes. There were no mention of when they will be in production and available for the public.

    I had a chance to meet Madam Thuy Le and Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing, Gareth Dunsmore. We then went into the immersive room. That was an incredible. It was better then an IMAX experience. I even felt like I got a bit of motion sickness.

    The main highlight for me was the test drive. One of the first thing I wanted to highlight was how strong the acceleration was. The handle of the car was also really secure. The car felt very safe and the brakes was solid.

    VinFast also granted me a sit down with the Chief Service Officer to answer some of questions that I’m sure this community is curious about.

    The full interview is in my video Vlog – https://youtu.be/Y2t5kRICNuo

    Overall, the entire trip was amazing. This was the ultimate fan experience. Thank you VinFast for giving me this opportunity to come out to CES for the first time.




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  • Steve Wynkoop

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    01/16/2023 at 11:33

    I heard in another review that the backup camera was poor and appeared to be dated technology. What did you think about it?

    • Johnny Nguyen

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      01/16/2023 at 12:40

      I actually didnt get a chance to test the back up camera on the track.


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    01/16/2023 at 09:25

    Thank you so much. Very informational for “Vinfirsts” to learn!

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