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    12/12/2022 at 12:05

    Figured we could all share some info. Feel free to give us as little or as much info as you’d like, this is just my template.

    Vinfast reservation?
    Yes, VF9 on 6/26/22

    First BEV?

    No, Ford Mustang Mach-E since 10/2021

    Convert reservation to order?

    Yes, I believe the same day or next

    Vehicle features you’re most excited for?

    HUD, soft close doors, 7 seats, FSD capabilities

    What do you like most about BEVs?

    I love the electric ecosystem. Waking up each day with a ‘full tank’, the torque, minimal maintenance, cost of ownership, smooth acceleration, there are so many. I finally installed a solar panel system this summer. I have natural gas heat and water and I plan to convert those to electric when their replacement time comes. I’m not an environmentalist. I hate relying on anyone or anything. And I’d like to install a battery storage system in the near future and completely go off-grid.

    Any other interests or hobbies?

    PC gaming, despite my age and 2 kids, and lack of free time 😪

    Welcome all, hopefully we hear good news soon!



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