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  • Initial Thoughts (Late Post: Date recorded 03/03)

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    06/12/2024 at 21:52

    Initial thoughts:

    Car is fairly large (comparable probably to CRV slightly more roomy) and has wireless Apple car play.

    The ride is good if you are coming from an older car like myself. Most comparable ride quality is similar to a 2015-2020 Hyundai. Con is you do feel the road a lot but I used to drive a lowered car on coilovers and still this rides better (2003 Acura RSX type s if you’re wondering) with just the road feel.

    Steering is good to me idk what everyone complains about it’s a good deal (if you’re leasing).

    Parking cameras are boo boo especially at night. I can deal with the grain (mainly prevalent at night) but it seems laggy and delayed and not in real time. I’ve bought back up cameras on Amazon for $50 and they’re more responsive. But the 360 camera seems to be more “real time” with less to no delay.

    Sensors for blind spot works but I personally never trust them in any car but it’s a good “feature”.

    My only real complaint is the foot well. The space above the pedals is too low. When first driving my foot would get stuck when switching between the two pedals. Kind of scary if you don’t realize it since this does not have “i-pedal”. Braking to a stop was hard to get used to so first timers be weary of this. If it was raised higher it would be ideal car to be honest. I got used to it by setting my seat a certain way (further and lower than usual). I’m size 9 shoe btw.

    Convenience Thought: Drove it to work and easy to use. Hopefully charger can be implemented on both sides or some other way since since it would make charging spots accessible. (I like the niro Ev 2023 location).

    Current mileage:

    -picked up @24miles; NOW AT 125miles

    Spark notes:

    Good all around car, drives good but has road noise and feel, and foot well is too low for pedals.



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