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    12/10/2022 at 12:11

    Commercial Car Wash vs Hand Wash

    A clean car is a healthy car. Washing your car regularly helps maintain its value, keeps it looking nice, and gives you a better overall driving experience. No one likes driving or riding in a smelly, messy car, after all.

    Where you live, how often you drive, and where you drive all contribute to your car-cleaning schedule. Your free time is important, too. Do you have a busy lifestyle? Do you have a decent amount of free time? Do you have the cleaning tools you need to get the shine you’re looking for?

    All these factors can be used to determine whether to grab a bucket and clean your car yourself or let a car wash do it for you. Hand washing your car and taking it to an automatic car wash both have their positives and negatives. Today, we’re going to talk about which car-cleaning option would work best for you.

    The Case for Commercial Car Washes

    Commercial car washes are great for people who are always on the go. Most of the time, you simply pay the fee and then drive into the wash tunnel. Then, you get to enjoy a little show of water, soap, giant brushes, and air dryers performing cleaning work on your car.

    If you have children in the car, they also tend to have a lot of fun watching the brushes do their work.

    Pro 1: In and Out in No Time

    The best thing about automatic car washes is how quick the process is. You can drive a dirty car in and a sparkly clean car out in a matter of minutes. Even if there’s a line, you don’t have to wait long. Of course, the time a wash takes varies. Many car washes give you the option of including extras with your wash, such as a wax layer or a deeper cleaning foam. These add-ons often add extra minutes to the wash.

    Regardless, you can go to the car wash at any time (some car washes are 24/7) without having to leave your car. The only exception to this is if you want to personally wash and shine your tires and rims.

    Pro 2: Cheap

    A quick clean doesn’t hurt your wallet at all. Basic washes cost between $3 and $10. Those prices can go up if you add extra cleaning features, such as undercarriage cleaning, tire shining, waxing, or another protective layer. You’ll notice the price increase—but the wash will still cost less than getting those add-ons on your own.

    Pro 3: Simplicity

    Once again: You drive in, wait, and drive out. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to show up carrying your own cleaning tools. Everything that you’ll need is at the car wash. Additionally, equipment you can use to clean the inside of your car, such as vacuums and carpet cleaners, are often included with the wash.

    Con 1: Not a Precise Clean

    Your car will have a nice, clean shine when the wash is done. But those with an eye for detail may notice a spot or two remaining. Those car wash brushes, though fun to watch, aren’t precise. They’ll get an overall clean, but they won’t perfectly scrub off a stubborn dirt stain. Stains like that require hand washing to clean, unfortunately.

    Con 2: Hidden Debris

    In addition to their lack of a precise scrub, the brushes could contain tiny debris like pebbles. Of course, these are hard to see, which means it’s hard to notice whether they do any damage. If they do, you have to buff out those tiny scratches. A car wash can clean hundreds of cars in a day. Some locations clean over 4,000 cars per day. That allows for plenty of opportunities for the cleaning brushes to collect debris.

    The Case for DIY Washing

    For those who are more hands-on with their car, handwashing may be the better option. You’ll just need to get the cleaning tools you deem necessary to give your car a beautiful shine.

    In the end, you can feel accomplished for a job well done

    Pro 1: Precise Clean

    The biggest advantage that handwashing has over automatic washing is the precision of the cleaning. You can scrub clean the spots that an automatic wash would miss. Since you have an up-close view of your car, you can determine where you need to put more effort into the wash. This includes the nooks and crannies that wouldn’t be reachable in an automatic wash, such as the inner tire rim.

    Pro 2: Free of Tiny Rocks

    With your wash kit, there won’t be any hidden debris that would cause tiny scratches. And if there are, you can remove them before you start the wash.

    Con 1: Time-Consuming

    Unlike automatic car washes, cleaning your car by hand will take up a lot of your time. Depending on the size of your car, you’ll need to set aside at least 30 minutes to achieve a basic clean by hand. That time can increase dramatically if you choose to apply a wax or tire shine. Trying to get the undercarriage clean is a time-consuming headache as well.

    Con 2: Need the Right Conditions

    It’s not quite as simple as parking it in the driveway and starting to wash it. You have to be mindful of your environment. Washing your car in direct sunlight is damaging to the car’s exterior, thanks to the heat. That same heat will dry up the soap and water faster, resulting in more water spots. Many cleaning product manufacturers advise not to use their products in direct sunlight.

    The best time to wash your car is in the shade or when the sky is overcast.

    Our Suggestion

    Take a look at your day-to-day life. Are you always on the go, leaving little time for taking a break? Go to an automatic car wash while you’re out to keep your car clean.

    Do you believe that a good cleaning takes time and detail? Stick to a DIY wash. Just make sure the environmental conditions are in your car’s favor.




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