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  • 3 Things EV Owners Wished They’d Known Before Making the Switch to Electric

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    12/11/2022 at 23:35

    Electric vehicles are cheaper to run and require far less maintenance than their petrol and diesel equivalents. With no nasty tailpipe emissions, they’re kinder to the planet, too.

    If you’re thinking of switching gears, read on to discover three things to consider before joining the EV revolution.

    1. Scope out Charging Stations

    People planning to use their EVs daily should prepare to regularly charge their vehicles for a smooth and worry-free driving experience.

    Luckily, here at VinFast, our Charged-Up Program offers a range of charging benefits to keep you powered up and on the move. Choose either three years of complimentary charging throughout the country on the US’s largest public charging network, Electrify America, or a VinFast home charger and up to $1200 towards installation charges.

    2. Choose the Right EV Battery

    Are you a city dweller or one for the open road? Optimize your mileage by choosing the right battery for your location and driving style.

    Just like a traditional fuel gauge, the range estimate on your EV won’t always be 100% accurate. Poor road conditions, uphill driving, and extreme temperatures can all chip away at your charge.

    Luckily, VinFast offers different battery options to complement every driver’s lifestyle. Our VF 9 SUV with Eco version 2 battery delivers an impressive 369-mile range, while our subscription plans offer affordability, peace of mind, and sustainability.

    3. Factor in EV Care

    Because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than their traditional fuel equivalents, there’s much less that can go wrong. However, they still need regular servicing.

    Even though technical glitches can happen, especially with the increased tech involved with EVs, these can usually be handled remotely. That way, you can stay connected and on the road.

    Until your EV battery needs replacing, your biggest outlay will probably be new tires. Most drivers can expect to get 20,000 to 30,000 miles out of their tires as long as they drive safely and responsibly.

    Ready to Make the Switch?

    With lower running costs, less maintenance, and environmental benefits, there’s never been a better time to go electric.

    Drive by VinFast to discover the next generation of innovative EV designs.

    Already made the switch? Comment below to let us know what you wish you’d known before embarking on your electric journey!



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