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  • 3 Key Innovations of VinFast’s EV Technology

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    12/11/2022 at 21:51

    EV technology is fascinating. Electric motors are nearly silent, produce incredible amounts of torque, and offer nearly maintenance-free operation thanks to a dramatic reduction in moving parts compared to their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts.

    VinFast takes that up a notch with three clever innovations that set the VF8 and VF9 apart from other EV SUVs. These include:

    A World-First Battery Subscription Program

    VinFast luxury EVs are available in two advanced lithium-ion battery powertrain configurations. Each is available with two battery options: 82.0 kWh and 87.7 kWh. These offer a range of up to 292 miles for the VF8 or 369 miles for the VF9.

    The innovative part of this system is the option to subscribe to your battery for the vehicle’s lifetime. This means the costs of servicing, maintaining, repairing, and even replacing the battery once its charge drops to 70% of the original capacity.

    Seamless mobile service and a 10-year, 125,000-mile warranty add to the ease of ownership that sets VinFast electric vehicles apart.

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems With Head-Up Display

    Advanced driver systems are a core feature of the VinFast safety suite. They include:

    • Automatic emergency braking
    • Automatic emergency steering
    • Emergency lane keeping
    • Highway autopilot
    • Traffic pilot

    They’re also constantly evolving courtesy of over-the-air updates.

    Drivers have access to advanced connectivity features, including Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on a 15.6″ infotainment touchscreen. The additional head-up display lets you focus firmly on the road ahead while still projecting key information like speed and navigation instructions into your line of sight.

    Class-Leading Digital Security

    VinFast boasts class-leading digital security thanks to partnerships with firms like Karamba Security, an Israel-based security startup focusing on automotive digital security. Truly connected cars allow us to access vehicle security information like lock status, intrusion detection, and more. They even give you access to vehicle telemetry and tracking. It’s important to secure that data.

    Drive Into the Future

    Drive by VinFast to learn more about our advanced luxury EVs today.

    What’s your favorite VinFast innovation? Let us know what surprised you most in the comments below.



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