VinFast models adopting ADAS technology

VinFast models, pioneered by VinFast VF 8, are now integrated with ADAS features to deliver users an exhilarating driving experience, safety, and comfort.

  1. ADAS

1.1. What is ADAS?

ADAS, which stands for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,” is a type of advanced driver aid system that enables a driver to operate their vehicle without the need to manually manipulate it, and to operate it continually, all while maintaining the vehicle’s safety on all types of roads. The system of cameras, sensors, and radar that is built into the vehicle is what drives the operation of the ADAS. This technology assists the driver in lowering their levels of tension and weariness, which in turn lowers the risk of collisions, traffic accidents, and injuries, particularly while traveling long distances.

ADAS functions thanks to the collaboration of Radar/LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and a central computer.

Users benefit from ADAS as it increases their sense of safety. According to statistics, the majority of accidents are caused by human factors. Collision avoidance can reduce rear-end car accidents by 27%, lane departure warning can reduce the frequency of accidents by 21%, and blind spot detection can reduce crashes in lanes by 14%, according to a study that was conducted by the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

1.2. Classification of safe driving assistance features

ADAS can be divided into four different categories: adaptive, automatic, monitoring, and warning.

  • Adaptive
  • Automatic
  • Monitoring
  • Warning
  1. ADAS features on VinFast cars

The VinFast VF 8 is designed to be a pioneering car, so it is equipped with ADAS that has the capability to detect and provide timely warnings, including the following 24 features:

ADAS helps users ensure safety when moving (Source: Collectibles)

  • A Helping Hand for Getting Through Traffic: Lane departure warning and other sensors and cameras aid the driver in maintaining a safe following distance from other vehicles.
  • Facilitation of Freeway Use: When in operation on the freeway, the vehicle proceeds autonomously at a speed and along a path programmed into its control system.
  • Complete Parking Aid: Helps drivers park their vehicles in the appropriate spot at the destination of their choice.
  • Aid for Switching Lanes: Before executing the lane change, the system first determines whether it is safe to do so by assessing the data gathered from the radar and cameras that are monitoring the traffic in the surrounding area.
  • Automatic Parking: Completely automatic parking with the driver able to take control from outside.
  • Smart Summon: Using information from satellites, cameras, and sensors located all around the vehicle, the car maneuvers itself to the location of the driver autonomously.
  • Lane Departure Warning: A system that helps the vehicle to stay in the correct lane.
  • Lane Keeping Assist: Offering automated lane-keeping capabilities (steering and braking).
  • Control of Lane-Centering: Helps the car stay centered in its lane, so the driver doesn’t have to worry about keeping it there manually.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Useful for lengthy stretches of time spent driving on the freeway when drivers often lose sight of their own speed and the speeds of other vehicles. This function adjusts the vehicle’s speed and, in some cases, brings it to a complete halt, based on input from the vehicle’s sensors.
  • Smart Speed Adjustment: This function employs a radar sensor to gauge how far apart cars are and then makes appropriate speed adjustments on its own.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: Scans and detects the various traffic signs that are located along the route, and then gives messages to the driver regarding how they should handle the car in the appropriate manner.
  • Forward Collision Warning.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Blind Spot Warning.
  • Door-Opening Warning.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: In the event of an emergency, applies the brakes actively if the system’s algorithms determine that a collision is likely to occur.
  • Emergency Lane Keeping Assist: Assists the driver in correcting the course of the vehicle if it begins to veer out of the designated lane in the event of an emergency.
  • Front Parking Assist: The ultrasonic sensor cluster placed in front is capable of recognizing and supporting warnings if there are obstacles to help the driver park safely in the range ahead.
  • Rear Parking Assist: The ultrasonic sensor cluster located behind is capable of recognizing and supporting warnings if there are obstacles to help the driver park safely in the rear range.
  • Rear Camera System: A specialized camera that is connected to the back of the vehicle to offer visibility and show traffic behind the vehicle. This camera is helpful for novice drivers when they are parking or reversing the vehicle.
  • 360-Degree Surround Monitoring: This vision aid increases driver safety by allowing the driver to monitor their surroundings from every angle around the vehicle.
  • Automatic Headlight Control: Helps drivers achieve the best visibility and most convenient travel by automatically turning the headlights on and off and adjusting the high/low beam headlights properly based on the specific conditions.
  • Driving Monitoring System: Monitors the driver’s condition after a predetermined period of driving time to detect signs of fatigue or drowsiness. The system issues warnings and prompts the driver to take a break, improving driving safety on the road.
  1. ADAS features on VinFast VF e34

The VinFast VF e34 is equipped with the following ADAS features:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Door Open Warning
  • Vehicles Crossing When Reversing Warning
  • Parking Assistance
  • 360 Degree Camera System
  • Rear Camera System
  • Geofencing
  • Vehicle Operating Time Setting
  • Real-Time Traffic Status Display
  • Satellite Map Display
  • Remote Vehicle Location 
  1. ADAS features on VinFast VF 5 Plus

ADAS features on the VF 5 Plus include:

  • Basic Cruise Monitoring
  • Rear Traffic Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection (NCAP)
  • Door Open Warning
  • Rear Parking Assist
  • Rear Camera System