Panoramic glass ceiling – classy amenities on the luxury electric SUV VinFast VF 9 

Panoramic glass ceiling – expensive equipment on luxury car models selected by VinFast to bring to VF 9 promises to bring a unique experience worthy of high-class customers, emphasizing convenience and comfort. on the car. 

Bring the whole sky into the car 

The panoramic glass roof first appeared 70 years ago (1953) on the Lincoln XL-500 concept car. Different from traditional sunroofs of only a few inches, the panoramic glass roof was a breakthrough at that time with a transparent roof running from the windshield to the rear of the car. Although it was predicted to be a design of a new era, the “large roof” on the Lincoln XL-500 was not popular then because of many technological barriers. 

The transparent panoramic roof design gradually appeared later on modern car models. Most of them are luxury cars with owners who are extremely demanding customers and demand a difference in experience. We can mention famous names such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Bentley Continental GT, Porsche Panamera 4 Sport Turismo… 

In terms of design, panoramic glass roofs on famous car models bring luxury and appeal to owners. Instead of rigid iron frames, large glass panels cover the entire sky, creating an airy and inspiring space. That is one of the reasons, according to a report by JCT600 (the world-famous auto retail group), “Panoramic Glass Roof” – panoramic glass ceiling helps improve the user’s mood. A comfortable mood stems from a clear view, creating a feeling of spaciousness in the car space and a feeling of connection with the surrounding world. 

Not only does it create a psychological effect, the large glass ceiling also helps in practical operations with better heat dissipation, helping to dispel stuffiness in the cockpit. In addition, in terms of health, large glass panels help users have more exposure to sunlight, thereby producing vitamin D, which is good for the body. 

For many high-end car models, “Panoramic Glass Roof” is often an expensive retrofit option. For example, with the Tesla Model S or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the utility that many companies describe as “Let The Sky Inside” is an option that will cost more for car owners. hundreds of millions of dong. With the electric car model that has just arrived to users of VinFast – VF 9, this is a convenience equipped with the car on the Plus version, promising to bring a different experience to users. 

“Class from the smallest details on VF 9” 

It’s no coincidence that panoramic glass ceilings are a luxury amenity on many car models. As a replacement for a traditional metal ceiling panel, large glass panels must not only be beautiful but also must be highly durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure safety. in all collisions. In addition, the glass ceiling panel must also meet standards for heat resistance, UV protection, and light transmittance to both bring the sky into the car and prevent any negative effects on people in the car.

To satisfy the above series of requirements, according to previous disclosures, the glass ceiling used on VF 9 is made of high-quality materials with a series of terrible parameters such as: UV Transmission is 0 ; Light transmission is approximately 5%; Infrared Transmission and Heat Transmission are only nearly 4.5%. These numbers mean that the large glass panels on the VF 9 will block 95-100% of all objective impacts on the car’s ceiling such as infrared rays, UV rays, high temperatures… 

For more privacy options, VF 9 owners can also order additional ceiling curtains designed specifically for VF 9. Tesla also offers this option to help users have more choices. company when selling ceiling curtain models for the Tesla Model S series. 

“VinFast is showing a classy car model down to the smallest details,” an expert in the car industry said about VinFast’s full-size electric SUV model. 

We outline some of the key differences between a 5-seater and a 7-seater EV. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice for you will depend on your needs.

Worth mentioning, the panoramic glass ceiling is only a small part of the series of outstanding equipment of the VF 9 compared to other models in the same segment. On many forums, VF 9 is receiving a series of positive comments about amenities such as captain’s chairs with 8-inch touch entertainment screens, seat systems with integrated massage, heating, ventilation… creating a feeling of sitting. in the business class airplane cabin. There are also valuable safety and smart equipment such as: Highway driving assistance, Traffic assistance in traffic jams, Adaptive cruise monitoring, Smart speed adjustment, Virtual assistant Smart Vietnamese… 

Along with VinFast’s reasonable price and excellent after-sales service, VF 9 according to many users is the perfect piece to help the Vietnamese car company conquer users, not only domestically but also in many of the most demanding markets in the world. like America, Europe…