4 tips to help protect electric cars in winter 

  1. Park your car in places with suitable temperatures

As mentioned above, parking in very cold weather will reduce battery life and operating performance as well as cause equipment and machine parts to be adversely affected. 

Therefore, drivers should try to park their cars in places with moderate temperatures such as under cover, indoors… to help the car be better preserved. 

  1. Do not start the car for too long in winter

Do not idle the car for more than 20 seconds when starting the car in winter. Users should stop starting for a period of time and then do it again if the car still does not start. 

Otherwise, this could cause your starter to fail or cause the battery to drain more quickly. 

  1. Turn off devices, focus on startup

In order to maximize the power source for starting the engine, car owners should turn off devices such as radio, air conditioner, etc. to make starting electric cars easier in winter. 

  1. Car care and maintenance in winter

Because of the above problems, car owners should regularly bring their cars to their maintenance facilities for inspection and car care to promptly fix and replace equipment in conditions of plummeting temperatures. 

In addition, electric cars also need to clean the car’s interior to avoid moisture. Carefully check the electrical wires and engine so that the vehicle operates stably. Note that you must also check the tire carefully to avoid the situation of not detecting tire pressure loss. 

In case you have to park your car outdoors for too long, car owners should try to find a covered parking space to somewhat increase the temperature. The driver must also regularly start the engine to warm up the engine, avoiding letting it cool for too long. 

 Electric cars are equipped with advanced battery and engine systems, ensuring safety and the ability to operate optimally under harsh weather conditions, helping customers somewhat reduce the worry of starting the car in the summer. winter.