Review of Any Blind Spots Experienced When Driving a VinFast

Blind spots are a part of every driver’s life and a key concern for any driver looking to get into a new vehicle. 

If you’re considering investing in a VinFast electric vehicle but are concerned about the driving experience with blind spots, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect regarding blind spots with the VF8 and VF9 models.

Blind Spots Experienced When Driving a VinFast Model

The construction of modern vehicles creates natural blind spots, even for VinFast models. We need thick A-pillars and C-pillars to house airbags and electrical cabling and hold up the roof. It’s also important to note that modern SUVs are higher and have taller hoods than older vehicles. 

This construction naturally creates several blind spots: 

  • Immediately in front of the front bumper 
  • Immediately behind the rear bumper 
  • Outside rear corners 
  • Through the A-pillar

How These Compare to Other Models 

These blind spots are normal for all vehicles, and not at all unique to VinFast. 

However, VinFast works to mitigate these blind spots with radar-based blind-spot monitoring and lane-change assist that alerts you to other vehicles in the blind spot. VinFast also offers radar-based park assistance to help monitor the front and rear for obstructions, including pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, and cyclists. 

How to Avoid Blind Spots 

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) prescribes a method of mirror-setting that nearly eliminates blind spots. If you set your mirrors to show the edge of your back end in them, move them out wider. This way, a vehicle approaching from behind comes into your side mirror as it leaves your rearview mirror. 

Performing regular mirror checks and pairing those with a brief shoulder check before changing lanes can help as well. 

You Can See Clearly Now 

A mix of good driving habits and modern technology make blind spots a non-issue for most drivers. Drive by VinFast to learn more about how you can experience a VF8 or VF9 for yourself. 

Do blind spots bother you? What steps do you take to make sure you can see clearly in and around your vehicle at all times? Let us know in the comments below.