Overview Of VinFast’s Suite of Driver Assistance Features

Without a doubt, most of us live a large part of life in the car, whether you’re a commuter, a  family shuttling children to friends’ homes or to an out-of-town soccer tournament, or a car  enthusiast who enjoys a weekend drive wherever the wind blows for your next adventure.  Many people feel very connected to their cars and at the same time, are concerned about comfort, performance and safety, as well as the effects car emissions have on the environment. So, what if you could have your best friend in the car with you in the form of advanced technology to make your life dynamically more enjoyable and less stressful while driving, all while being mindful of  negative effects to the environment? Would you jump at that chance? Thankfully, the premier EV automaker, VinFast, puts your best friend in your back pocket via their cutting- edge driver assisted technology available in their beautiful electric vehicles.  

But what exactly is part of this driver assisted technology? It spans features that either assist  you or are fully automated while driving, such as driver monitoring systems, adaptive cruise  control and lane-keeping assist to fully automated parking assistance, collision mitigation and  auto lane changing. Designed to maintain passenger safety as well as reduce your stress  behind the wheel, these features also maintain zero emissions from VinFast’s powerful electric  engine while giving better vehicle performance. Come take a look!

Collision Reduction Safety Features 

Auto Lane Changing is just one of the future-forward features VinFast incorporates into its advanced driver assistance system. For those who may feel stressed about their driving blind spots, this feature is invaluable. When engaged, the vehicle determines when it is safe to make a lane change by searching for an opening via cameras and sensors on the perimeter of the  vehicle. The system will initiate a lane change on its own, minus assistance from the driver.  

Also included in their stylish, eco-friendly EVs is a suite of Collision Mitigation features.  Comprised of potentially life-saving driver assistance features, such as sensors, an automatic  emergency braking system and cameras, they detect an object in front of or behind the car and  will alter your speed in up or down if it senses you haven’t done so already. You will also see and hear a warning and in some cases, the system will stop the vehicle all together, preventing the unimaginable.  

Similarly, if you’ve ever unintentionally veered from your lane, you’ll realize how invaluable VinFast’s Lane Keeping Assistance feature is. Think of it as distracted or drowsy driver detection. When the system’s sensors are engaged during your drive, it not only alerts you if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane position, it will automatically apply lane centering  assistance via the two lane markings to the left and right of the vehicle, adjusting the car’s  position, centering itself between these lines.   

Being thoughtful of driver safety, VinFast has included an on-board Driver Monitoring system.  This advanced driver assistance system uses on-board cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to  scan and analyze patterns while you drive that compromise safety, such as using your cell phone, becoming drowsy or removing your hands from the wheel. Once an at-risk behavior is detected, it will then alert you to refocus your attention on the road and your driving to reduce the possibility of a driving error. Sound cool? It is.  

Driver Assistance Comfort Features

Adaptive Cruise Control is another excellent feature of VinFast’s driver assistance system that is  incredibly easy to engage while in traffic on your commute or weekend drive. While traveling  at a minimum speed, you just initiate the cruise control and when the traffic speed increases or  decreases, the system will sense changes to the traffic pattern and adjusts to keep pace with  flow of traffic and a safe distance behind the car in front of you. As well, if you’ve ever  experienced discomfort from extended time with your foot on the accelerator, you know how  comforting this feature can be.   

Fully Automated Parking Assistance seemed like something out of the future a few years ago,  however VinFast’s system will help you park the car autonomously. How does it  work? When engaged, the system uses sensors to detect an open space, then automatically  maneuvers the vehicle into that spot. Not only does this essentially reduce potential damage to  your vehicle you might incur when manually parking, it virtually removes the stress many often feel when trying to fit into a parking spot.  

There’s little doubt that VinFast has created an environmentally focused car with mindfulness  around luxury, comfort and safety. Whether you are an eco-focused family or busy professional or entrepreneur, any of these advanced driver assistance systems will free your mind from  worry and assist you in feeling relaxed about the drive ahead. 

  1. For those of us who don’t like adaptive cruise control, can the VinFast also be operated in regular old-fashioned cruise control? I certainly hope so; that option’s a must.