Why are VF8 more compact and safer than gasoline cars?

Above all, VinFast always focuses on customer safety when traveling on VF models such as VF 8 and VF 9. Below is the reason Why VF8 more compact and safer than gasoline cars.

VF8 with 5-star Safety Standard 

The Southeast Asia New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP) has announced the results of the VinFast VF 8 car assessment, with 89.5/100 points, achieving a 5-star safety certification – the highest level in the industry. evaluation system of this organization. This result is the clearest affirmation for the quality and safety of Vietnamese electric vehicles. 

The advantage of VF 8 is that all versions have 11 airbags (2 front seat airbags, 4 side airbags, 2 knee airbags, 2 curtain airbags and 1 center airbag) to Highest level of protection for vehicle occupants. 

According to assessment from ASEAN NCAP, VF 8 is especially outstanding and achieved a perfect score in the Safety Support category when fully converging advanced technologies such as: Electronic stability system (ESC); Anti-lock braking system (ABS); Seat belt reminder system (SBR) for both front and rear seat occupants, Detects rear seat occupants; Advanced automatic emergency braking (AEB) in cities and urban areas, Emergency braking for pedestrians; Forward collision warning (FCW); Lane departure warning (LDW); Lane keeping assist (LKA)… 

ASEAN NCAP experts are also very impressed that all versions of the car are equipped with Blind Spot Warning (BSD) technology for the driver and front passenger, Automatic Headlights (AHB) and Security technology. Pedestrian protection and CPD Technology – Child Presence Detection (helps alert the driver/parents about children being accidentally left in the vehicle). 

 The results of VF 8 continue to strongly and consistently affirm the “Customer-centric” philosophy that VinFast is pursuing. All car models are developed by VinFast towards the highest safety standards of the world’s leading prestigious organizations such as ASEAN NCAP (Southeast Asia), EURO NCAP (Europe), NHTSA (USA)… 

Protects the driver and passengers better than gasoline cars 

According to research results from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) based on insurance data from 2011-2019, electric vehicles ensure better safety for drivers and passengers. . Injury claim rates for electric vehicles are 40% lower than for traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. 

Explaining this result, according to Mr. David Harkey, President of IIHS, the weight advantage is one of the reasons why electric cars protect occupants better. In addition, the safety equipment and driving assistance features equipped on electric vehicle models are also important factors. 

In fact, safety is the top concern of car manufacturers as more and more electric car models are equipped with advanced safety technology. For example, all vehicles in VinFast’s electric SUV product range are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), making driving safer. 

Among them, two large car models VF 8 and VF 9 possess level 2 ADAS features (partially autonomous under the driver’s supervision) that are usually only found in luxury cars such as: on-road driving assistance. highways, traffic assistance in congestion… Models in the lower segment such as VF e34 and VF 5 Plus are also equipped with ADAS features such as rear traffic warning, blind spot warning, warning open door… 

 In addition, the product lines of the Vietnamese car company are also highly appreciated thanks to smart features such as automatically calling for rescue in case of an accident and calling for roadside assistance services. In particular, the voice-controlled virtual assistant VinFast helps drivers easily adjust heating, air conditioning… without losing concentration. 

For the safety of customers, VinFast is making tireless efforts to improve product quality from materials, exterior design, engine, interior quality, software technology,… Accompanying VinFast on the next stage of development for a Safety of our future.