What kind of acceleration can we expect from the VF 8

The VinFast VF 8 has captivated eco-friendly vehicle aficionados ever since it was released as it is a model that combines all of the characteristics of an electric car of the future, including an eye-catching appearance, powerful performance, and a large number of modern amenities. The acceleration of the VF 8 is particularly noteworthy, since it has no lag time and can go from 0mph to 62mph (targeted estimate) in 5.5 seconds for both VF 8 Plus and VF 8 Plus City Edition, 5.9 seconds for the VF 8 Eco, and 6.5 for the VF 8 Eco City Edition.

  1. Lightning-fast VF-8 acceleration with zero delay

The VinFast VF 8 has captured the attention of the electric car world with its eye-catching design, robust engine, and impressive performance. Acceleration from zero to 62 miles per hour could take only from 5.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds for different versions.

Customers have reported that there is nearly no delay, no noise, and no pollution to the environment during the acceleration of the VF 8. This is made possible by the fact that the torque distribution in electric automobiles is more conducive to achieving optimal performance than that of gasoline cars. Consequently, the maximum amount of torque that the electric vehicle is capable of producing occurs during the initial stages of starting the engine, and it continues at this level until the motor achieves a certain number of revolutions. In addition, the construction of the powertrain in electric cars is fairly basic. These vehicles do not have posted axles, differentials, or gearshifts during deceleration, which helps to reduce the amount of energy that is lost, allowing the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly while also improving its grip.

The VF 8 Eco boasts a remarkable acceleration from 0 to 62 miles per hour in approximately 6.5 seconds (expected).

The two different variants of both VinFast VF 8 and VF 8 City Edition, the Eco and the Plus, each have a maximum capacity that ranges from 260 kW to 300 kW, and a maximum torque that ranges from 500 Nm to 620 Nm. Because electric vehicles put 100% of the torque they create into forward motion, they can accelerate more quickly than gasoline vehicles of comparable capacity while having the same engine size.

In addition, the VinFast VF 8 come with batteries that have varying capacities, meet the IP67 waterproof standard, and have a high mileage after a single full charge. These features ensure that the vehicles are mobile and adaptable to any terrain. Range per full charge (EPA) as following:

During the VF 8 test drive event that took place at the test track located within the VinFast factory complex in Hai Phong, the vehicle’s exceptional acceleration was demonstrated to the audience. Even while driving at a speed of about 110 miles per hour, the VF 8 maintains its stability, balance, and light steering wheel, allowing it to corner smoothly. In addition, the soundproofing, suspension, and steering all contribute to the overall happiness of drivers. The VF 8 car’s acceleration has ushered in a brand-new experience, and the sensation of piloting the VF 8 has evolved into one that is both more fascinating and magnificent.

Acceleration is instantaneous with the VF 8, and it maintains stability even at high speeds.

  1. Fun and sublimation abound at the wheel of a VF 8

The dimensions of the VF 8 are 187.0 inches/4,750 millimeters in length, 76.1 inches/1,934 millimeters in width, and 65.6 inches/1,667 millimeters in height, and its wheelbase may reach up to 116.1 inches/2,950 millimeters. The concept of dynamic balance served as inspiration for the car’s design, which has sharp and rounded contours. This design style also helps to create a balance between the interior space and the outside area, as well as the engine space, which stabilizes the vehicle when it is being operated and brings comfort to the driver as well as the vehicle’s passengers.

VinFast is thrilled to announce new pricing for the VF 8 City Edition!

Stability in operation is facilitated by the VinFast VF 8’s “dynamic balance” design

The interior of the Vinfast VF 8 features a high-resolution touch screen of 15.6 inches, which has reduced the number of physical buttons to a minimum. Passengers can travel in comfort on any trip when the seats have power adjustments. In addition, the VF 8 is equipped with an air quality management system as well as a Combi 1.0 cabin air filter, which together provide an environment that is clean and comfortable while also helping to safeguard users’ health.


The car’s interior has all the latest conveniences and safety features 

  1. Smart features and cutting-edge safety technologies of the VF 8

The VinFast VF 8 promises to become an intimate travel companion for its owner by including a number of smart features and first-rate safety technologies. These additions were made to provide the best possible experience for customers. As a result, the following are examples of the remarkable Smart Service features the vehicle is equipped with:

  • Data management, smart vehicle software update.
  • Intelligent control via voice, central screen.
  • Battery- and charging-based driving aid.
  • Navigation, itinerary planning.
  • Battery- and charging-based driving aid.
  • Convenience services, smart entertainment.

The VinFast VF 8 is comparable to a smartphone in that it provides customers with a mobile home that offers the highest level of personalization possible and comes equipped with a broad variety of functions and modern conveniences. Every trip becomes more convenient and pleasurable thanks to smart features !!!

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