Smart headlight projection angle in VF8 – Safety for the opposite vehicle to protect yourself

When using the headlight system on VF 8, the car owner can activate automatic mode (AHB) or perform manual operations depending on the actual situation. In particular, AHB’s automatic feature will activate the headlights based on information collected from the sensor to help the driver focus more when driving.

What is the headlight system on VF 8?

What are headlights? Car headlights, also known as high beam lights, have the effect of projecting light at a higher, farther and wider range than conventional lighting systems. From there, headlights provide drivers with greater visibility or a clear view of traffic signs, especially when traveling on the highway at night. Currently, both Eco and Plus versions of the VinFast VF 8 model are equipped with modern, advanced LED headlight systems.

LED is the abbreviation of the word “Light-Emitting Diode” which means “diodes that radiate light”. Accordingly, LED headlight bulbs will be made from semiconductor chips with a size of only a few millimeters but contain long-range directional light. With a color temperature of 5000 – 6000 K, a brightness of nearly 1000 Lumen and a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours, LED headlights possess the ability to illuminate quickly while still optimizing energy when starting the car.

These advantages help LED become one of the best quality headlights today. In particular, the LED headlights on VinFast VF 8 are also integrated with automatic on-off features and smart projection angle adjustment to help minimize manual operations, bringing focus to the driver when moving.

Operating principle of the headlight system on VF 8

The headlight system on VF 8 is mainly composed of automatic LED lights, including:

  • The parts are optical sensors and cameras
  • Automatic headlight control system

The headlights on VinFast VF 8 operate based on advanced automatic technology. This is modern technology equipped on most car models in the mid-range – high-end segment and above. In particular, the optical sensor is designed right next to the edge below the windshield to update actual light conditions when the vehicle moves. All data will be transmitted to the control system to automatically turn on and off.

In addition, the front view camera system is also mounted on the rearview mirror, helping the headlights easily observe and detect light sources coming from surrounding vehicles in both front and rear directions.

After receiving data from the sensor and camera, the system will automatically switch from headlights to low beams or vice versa depending on each different situation. More specifically, the system will calculate based on factors such as vehicles moving in the opposite direction or in the same direction, environmental light conditions when traveling to adjust the most appropriate light level.

Thanks to the feature of automatically activating and adjusting lighting performance according to environmental conditions, car owners will not have to perform manual operations during driving. This will optimize time savings while helping the driver concentrate, ensuring safety when driving the vehicle.

In addition, the feature of automatically adjusting the lighting angle instantly according to actual lighting conditions is especially useful if the car owner forgets to turn on the lights, helping to ensure the driver’s visibility and avoid traffic violations. Along with that, the headlight system on VF 8 also possesses superior traffic sensing capabilities. In case there is a vehicle moving in the opposite direction, the car will automatically adjust the projection angle as well as switch to short beam mode to avoid causing glare, affecting the visibility of both the driver and the opponent. These modern features help improve the experience and ensure safety for users.

Notes on using the headlight system on VF 8 properly

According to the instructions of the Traffic Police Department, depending on the situation, traffic participants should use headlights or low beams flexibly. Understanding the notes on how to use headlights properly helps drivers ensure safety during travel:

  • Before asking to yield, crossing the road or wanting to overtake, the vehicle owner can flash the headlights to signal surrounding vehicles.
  • The headlights can be activated when traveling at night in deserted areas or on highways to increase visibility. However, the driver should slow down and switch to high beam mode when encountering a vehicle moving in the opposite direction or in the same direction. In particular, if you see the opponent flashing a signal light, the driver needs to quickly check the headlight and low beam mode to ensure traffic safety.
  • Regularly maintaining the car headlight system and properly aligning the light beam will help ensure the best lighting when participating in traffic. The car owner needs to replace the light with a new one if there is a problem, but be careful not to install headlights with the wrong capacity or not in accordance with the car’s standards.

Regular maintenance helps increase the lighting efficiency of headlights

During operation, drivers should note that the headlight system on VF 8 only supports the driver within a certain range. To ensure maximum safety, users need to concentrate and move according to traffic laws. In particular, learning about the headlight system on the VF 8 helps drivers use, maintain and repair it properly to maximize the features of this equipment.