Protect your child from hot car death with Vayyar Children Safety Protection Technology

At least 16 children have died in hot cars so far in 2023 in the US, bringing to more than 1,000 the number who have died that way during the past three decades. A moment of forgetfulness can be devastating. Experts and child-safety advocates have called for interior motion sensors in all vehicles. And to protect precious children, VinFast and Vayyar are working together to find the most optimal solution to protect children in all situations in the car. 

On January 7, 2023 in Las Vegas, USA, VinFast and Vayyar Imaging announced a cooperation agreement to improve safety standards and driving experience through the integration of radar technology in the cabin, helping to detect and warn Report a child left in the car. 

Vayyar was founded in 2011 by Raviv Melamed, Miri Ratner and Naftali Chayat. Raviv Melamed was previously Vice President of the Architecture Group at Intel and General Manager of Intel’s Global Mobile Wireless Group. The company is headquartered in Yehud. 

​​In the automotive industry, Vayyar provides safety solutions for cars, ADAS and motorcycles. Inside the vehicle, the technology supports applications such as Child Presence Detection (CPD) and enhanced seat belt reminders, while on the outside, sensors can be used to detect blind spot, collision warning, advanced parking assist, cross traffic alert, automatic emergency braking , reverse monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane change assist. 

Working strongly in all lighting conditions, with wide visibility and high-resolution image quality, Vayyar technology is one of the optimal solutions capable of monitoring the entire interior of the vehicle as well as all footrests and trunks, minimizing the risk of children being left in the car. 

Vayyar’s in-cabin radar technology is also designed to optimize privacy, while preventing false alarms that negatively affect the user experience. Besides meeting international safety standards, this technology also helps increase the competitiveness of VinFast car models. 

Mr. Stuart Iain Taylor, Director of Electronics and Smart Services, said: “VinFast constantly innovates and connects global intelligence to bring customers an excellent driving experience and outstanding safety standards. dominant. We are excited to have Vayyar join us on this journey. I believe that Vayyar’s leading solutions will contribute to the goal of accelerating the global shift to sustainable transportation by transforming Electricity vehicles to become safer and more enjoyable for everyone.” 

Mr. Ian Podkamien, Vice President and Head of Automotive at Vayyar said: “VinFast is one of the most innovative car manufacturers in the world, and working with VinFast to accelerate the deployment of its technology Vayyar was a great experience for us. We are very proud to be a part of VinFast’s journey to conquer the world and hope that our platforms that enhance safety standards will contribute to VinFast’s great successes.” 

VinFast will continue to research a series of other safety features based on Vayyar’s point cloud platform – including features such as seat belt reminders, intrusion warnings, as well as passenger classification for opening bags. gas, to further improve safety standards for smart electric vehicles. 

The two companies are also exploring additional opportunities to expand cooperation across all VinFast models with additional features for in-cab sensors, as well as a range of safety applications in the ADAS. 

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