Instructions for using the power seats in the VF 8 Plus electric car

The power seats in the VF 8 Plus are “magic gadgets”, designed to ensure passengers always experience a smooth drive. They also reduce back pain and relieve shoulder and neck tension on long drives. To enhance the user’s experience, this high-end equipment has been optimally designed and is easy to use.

The VinFast VF 8 Plus smart electric car, a D-segment SUV, not only sports a trendy design and powerful engine, it is also equipped with a modern and luxurious interior. In particular, the power seats in the VF 8 Plus have been improved with 12-way power adjustment, offering passengers unparalleled comfort.

Instructions for using the power seats in VinFast VF 8 Plus

As well as integrating the ventilation system and heating feature, the power seats in the VF 8 Plus can also be adjusted effortlessly in 12 directions via the control button located on the side below the seat. To adjust the power seat in the VinFast VF 8 Plus, users should do the following:

  • To adjust the seat forward – backward: The driver uses the foot force to push the seat forward or backward at will, and at the same time, slides the rectangular button in the direction they are pushing.
  • To adjust the seat height: The driver pulls – pushes the rear part of the rectangular button on the side of the seat up or down depending on their needs.
  • To adjust the seat tilt: The user pulls or pushes the front part of the Up/Down button to make the seat more upright or reclined.
  • To adjust the backrest angle: The driver pulls – pushes the rectangular adjustment button next to the seat forward or back to adjust the seat backrest angle until it is in the desired position.
  • To adjust the seat backrest: Users press the upper, lower, forward, and back switches to customize the position of the backrest.

To adjust the height of the headrest: The driver simply needs to hold the headrest and raise or lower it to the desired height.

In order for the system to memorize the position of the newly adjusted driver’s seat, users should perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select “Saved Profile” (Owner)
  • Step 2: Select Profile Settings
  • Step 3: Select “Ergonomics”
  • Step 4: Click “Save Edited Profile”

After logging in, the power seats in the VF 8 Plus will automatically adjust to the saved position according to each user profile. 

  • To cancel the setting, users just need to select “Driver’s seat” and click on the 3 vertical dots icon to cancel.

To adjust seat heating – ventilation system: Users access the driver’s seat panel, select the seat position they want to adjust, and select the appropriate heat level according to their needs.

In addition to 8 separate control functions, the power seats in the VF 8 are also capable of multi-directional adjustment in all rows of seats. With this improvement, users can flexibly adjust the back of the seat to fit the body, helping driver’s to focus and better observe and handle situations on every journey.

Moreover, the main and auxiliary power seats have a difference in the direction of adjustment, specifically:

  • 12-way power adjustable driver’s seats (Plus version) or 8-way ones (Eco version);
  • The auxiliary seat can be adjusted electrically in 10 directions (Plus version), or 6 directions (Eco version).
  • The rear seats allow 2-way mechanical adjustment, folding at a ratio of 60:40.

In addition to 8-way power adjustable direction and 4-way lumbar support adjustable direction, users can also customize the height, forward/backward positioning, seat tilt, or backrest recline. These features allow customers to not only adjust the seat more easily, but also provide them with a smooth and comfortable feeling even when driving long distances. As a result, users can minimize chronic conditions when they have to regularly drive on the road, such as back pain and neck pain.

Furthermore, the ability to adjust 10-way power, integrated ventilation, and heating in the auxiliary seats of the VF 8 Plus allows customers to enjoy spending time with family and loved ones more. Similar to the car massage chair, the power seat in the VF 8 Plus is especially useful for families with elderly people.

The improvement of the power seats in the VF 8 Plus provides users with many practical benefits. As a result, the car seats become an “effective assistant”, enabling users to have safe and relaxing journeys.

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