5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an EV

In 2021, the number of electric vehicle sales increased to a record-breaking 6.6 million. By the end of 2021, there were around 16.5 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, which was triple the number in 2018.

Are you thinking about jumping on the bandwagon? Here are five important questions to ask before you purchase an EV.

Question 1: Is the Range Sufficient?

Make sure an EV’s range is at least enough for your outings and everyday commute.

It’s best to consider an electric vehicle that can run for more than 200 miles on a single charge, like VinFast’s VF8 or VF9, which have an enhanced battery range of 277 to 369 miles.

Question 2: How and Where Will I Charge My EV?

For Level 1 charging, you can plug your vehicle into a standard 110-volt wall outlet. For faster and more convenient Level 2 charging, consider having a 240-volt service installed within your garage.

You should also look for nearby public charging stations in public parking lots, city streets, or within new-car dealerships.

Question 3: Should I Purchase a New or Used EV?

While the lower price of a used EV might seem tempting, consider the added value and peace of mind that a new model offers, such as a full warranty, cutting-edge technology, and maximum operational ranges on a charge.

Question 4: What EV Incentives Can I Take Advantage of?

Many governments provide incentives such as tax credits or cash rebates to EV buyers. Some also offer financial aid for the installation of a home charging unit.

There are plenty of EV incentive schemes available, so be sure to research what’s available where you live.

Question 5: Does the EV Meet All of My Other Needs?

Select a model within your price range that has all the features you need. Make sure it has enough interior space for you and your family’s needs, as well as enough cargo capacity for groceries, sporting goods, or other items like strollers.

Considering Buying an EV?

VinFast offers state-of-the-art eSUV models featuring a 10-year warranty, advanced safety, and the latest in EV technology, making them some of the most superior EV vehicles on the market. Drive by VinFast to learn more. 

What do you think are the most important features of an EV? Comment below.