Your Guide to Home Charging an EV

Charging your EV at home is one of the great joys of owning an electric car. Using a home charger is the easiest, most efficient, and most practical way to keep your battery topped up. 

Whether it’s a full tank of gas or a full battery charge, very few of us use all of our range during a day of driving. This means you can plug in your EV at night and wake up in the morning with plenty of power to get you where you need to go. Here are some tips to get the most out of your home charger. 

Tip 1: Install a Level 2 DC Charger

These home chargers give you more power, more quickly. They make it easier to top off your vehicle quickly when needed. And, because you have to charge for less time, you can do all your charging in the off-peak hours when electricity is cheapest. 

Tip 2: Choose When to Charge

VinFast’s app allows you to choose when you want to charge your EV. You can set your vehicle to charge automatically during off-peak times only, so you pay less for electricity. 

Tip 3: Charge to 80%

Modern lithium-ion batteries don’t have a memory like older batteries. That means you can charge from any point safely, and you don’t have to fully charge your battery every time. In fact, your battery will last longer if you only charge it to 80% capacity and don’t let it fall below 20%. The VinFast app also allows you to turn charging off once your battery hits 80% capacity. 

Charging Your EV at Home Makes Life Easy 

VinFast has partnered with Electrify America to give owners access to the largest network of DC chargers in the USA, but keeping your EV topped at home means you won’t have to rely on these public chargers. 

Drive by VinFast to learn more about charging your EV. 

Will you charge your VinFast EV at home or use public charging stations? Let us know in the comments below.