What Things Can Drain Your EV Car Battery?

Many people can relate to being stranded by a flat battery—maybe it’s even happened to you.

So, if you’re in the market to buy a new electric vehicle, you may wonder what it would take to drain this type of battery and what you can do to avoid such an outcome. Let’s find out.

Focusing on Battery Technology

Fully electric vehicles rely entirely on their battery, and the good news is that these units are now very advanced. In the last 12 years or so since the first EV hit the roads, manufacturers have taken advantage of sophisticated battery management systems. These systems protect and extend the life of these batteries, and some believe that today’s EV battery could outlast its host vehicle. 

Meanwhile, manufacturers like VinFast are investing heavily in even better technology. The company expects to have solid-state EV batteries made by ProLogium Technology on board by 2024.

Reducing Battery Drain

But still, drivers must ensure that they charge the battery per the instructions and that they do not run out of “juice.” With this in mind, it pays to know what automotive features can drain your battery should you need to isolate them in an emergency.

Heating and Cooling

The most significant drain on your battery involves the drivetrain itself, but after that, it’s heating and cooling. The more extreme the conditions, the more these systems will eat into your available power. However, you can make a big difference by warming up the vehicle’s battery (and heating the cabin) while you still have it plugged into its charger. You can then use the power from the grid instead for this crucial activity.

Secondary Systems

Ancillary systems (such as lighting, sound system, GPS, etc.) can all deplete your battery to a greater or lesser degree. If you have a large and powerful infotainment system, this is likely to be quite greedy. Wipers or charge ports use very little, and the same for some under-bonnet systems like power steering, brake servo, or ABS.

Design and Mass

You can’t do much about the overall design of your vehicle, so it doesn’t help to know that aerodynamic drag can contribute to battery depletion. Some people think you can make a difference by reducing the added weight in your car, but many vehicles use regenerative braking. This means that a heavier car could actually generate more energy for the battery.

Offering a Different Approach to Battery Use

Now that you know what can drain your EV battery, you can focus on market options. VinFast offers an innovative battery subscription service. You pay a monthly subscription fee, and the company will then be responsible for repairs, maintenance, and replacement to provide you with a worry-free experience.

Drive by VinFast to learn more.

What will you do to extend battery life while on the open road? And what do you think about a battery subscription service? Is this something that would attract you when buying a new car? Let us know by commenting beneath.