The US continues to expand car charging stations, a “golden” opportunity for VinFast

To realize the country’s plan to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050, the US Government has issued policies to develop electrified vehicles and expand the car charging station system in this country. This is a huge opportunity for VinFast electric cars in the US. 

New policies on expanding the car charging station system in the US 

Building a system of public electric charging stations will make owning an electric vehicle easier and more practical. In order to solve the problem of a limited number of charging stations and accelerate the process of making electric vehicles a popular vehicle, the US government has issued many new policies to expand the electric car charging station system nationwide. . 

Car charging stations in the US – a million-dollar industry 

According to the US Department of Energy, with 1.8 million electric cars on US roads, there are only about 100,000 charging sockets at about 41,000 public charging stations and fewer than 5,000 fast charging stations. This difference has caused many difficulties for consumers when considering traveling by electric vehicle. 

According to The Brattle Group (US economic and financial consulting organization), the number of electric vehicles in the US could increase to 35 million by 2030, requiring more than 2 million public chargers. Grasping the current situation, President Biden has launched a $174 billion investment plan to promote the popularization of electric vehicles, restructure factories and supplement domestic raw material supply, and provide tax incentives for electric car buyers. The application of subsidy programs and incentives to expand charging station infrastructure is also of primary concern. 

The US government pledged to build 500,000 new intersections over the next decade in an effort to cut emissions from highways. To move towards a future with vehicles powered entirely by electric engines, industry experts say the country needs to implement an aggressive infrastructure plan and a series of accompanying green policies. 

Open-door policies for the development of charging stations in the US are a stepping stone to help VinFast strive to synchronize the electric vehicle ecosystem.  

Recently, as VinFast continue to expand the partnership with major charging operators in the US, VinFast car owners can access up to 93% of all charging network all over the states 

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  1. My guess is VinFast has to, like Ford GM, join the bandwagon by adopting NACS, then VinFast could charge at 100% of all charging network in the US of A. Been waiting for months, the news should come any day now. Hopefully!