The Skateboard Effect’s Effect on EV Space: A Full-size Interior with a Mid-Size Body 

EVs are roomier than gas cars for another reason, smart design. The skateboard system is a design used by VW, Ford, and other EV automakers. Due to where an EV’s wheels are mounted, this method gives EVs a space advantage.  

 Imagine a gasoline vehicle as a set of skates, and an electric vehicle as a skateboard. The wheels in a pair of skates are positioned rather closely together beneath the skate body. Everything is jammed in between the front and rear wheels; there isn’t much space between them. 

Conversely, the wheels of a skateboard are spaced much farther apart under the skateboard platform. EVs still place everything between the wheels, just like a gas automobile, but because of the different wheel spacing design, there is a lot more interior space. 

Batteries, brakes, motors, and other essential components are dispersed along the’skateboard’ platform, usually inside the platform to leave a level basis for the EV’s outside framework and interior design. In addition to providing EVs with more internal room than gas vehicles, the skateboard design also lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle, improving handling. 

You can quickly see how interior space expands when you consider that EVs require considerably less parts than a combustion vehicle. Because of this “skateboard” design strategy, EV automakers can arrange the seating and storage spaces however they like and install essential components wherever they like on the car’s base platform.  

On the other hand, gasoline-powered cars must also install all the other pieces above the base and mount the engine and steering systems on top of the flat base. A gas car’s flat base is also above everything else, which further reduces interior room. 

EV manufacturers continue to develop better iterations of the skateboard design, with each iteration concentrating on producing more and more comfort space for driver and passengers. 

The skateboard design also gives VF8 more interior space so that passengers’ on-board experience is always most comfortable and convenient.