New York City Plans to Install 40,000 EV Charging Stations by 2030

1 month ago, VinFast had a very spectacular launch in New York with the event of listing VFS on the US stock exchange. Along with the development of the green energy market in New York, VinFast will certainly have many opportunities here. Especially when New York City Plans to Install 40,000 EV Charging Stations by 2030 and create more advantages for the EV market to develop. 

New York State has pledged up to $250 million through 2025 to build EV charging stations throughout the state through its EVolve NY program. In fact, New York is second only to California in the scope of its financial commitment to EV charging station infrastructure. Financial incentives and grants are available for businesses who want to explore EV charging station installation in New York.  

There are three levels of EV charging stations: Level-one chargers are mainly for home use and can charge from a residential 120-volt outlet. Grants and incentives for New York businesses focus mainly on level-two and level-three EV chargers. Level-two chargers use 240 volts and can give an EV 30 to 50 miles of charge an hour. Level-three superchargers, or DC fast chargers, can fully charge a vehicle in less than an hour.  

New York offers a number of programs that offset the cost of EV charging station installation. This creates great advantages for charging station businesses and also indirectly affects the charging costs that electric vehicle users have to pay. New York developed its Make-Ready Program to offset the cost of EV equipment and electrical infrastructure for companies who seek to install EV charging stations. If a company participates in the Make-Ready Program, they can install level-two or three chargers at little or no cost. However, the six local New York State utilities require that they have to work with an Approved Contractor to participate in the Make-Ready Program. 

With huge priorities from the New York City government for the green energy market, the benefits of electric vehicle users in New York will be increasingly greater. With VinFast Public Charging Network including many large charging systems in the US such as Electrify America, EVGo,… VinFast car owners will easily use the services at these charging stations along with free charging incentive programs by VinFast. And who knows, in the future, you can charge your VinFast car at the VinFast charging station itself in New York.