EVgo to Triple Its Fast-Charging Network in the United States 

VinFast just released a new free charging promotion program and EVgo is in VinFast’s public charging network top list. EVgo’s plan is to provide “a convenient, reliable and affordable EV charging network that brings fast charging to everyone.” See how this network compares to others. 

What Is the EVGgo EV Charging Network? 

EVgo was founded in 2010 and opened its first charger in 2011. The company provides Level 2 and fast chargers and claims to be one of the largest fast charging networks in the country, with chargers across more than 30 states and plans to triple the size of the network in the next five years. 

EVgo’s goal is to provide a “a convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging network that delivers fast charging to everyone.” Furthermore, EVgo focuses on using renewable energy sources at its chargers. The company claims its energy is 100% renewable and its chargers have a 98% uptime rate. EVgo is a publicly traded company. 

How Many EVgo EV Charging Stations Are In the U.S.? 

EVgo claims to be one of the country’s largest public fast charging networks. EVgo offers more than 850 stations across more than 30 states and 60 metropolitan areas. EVgo charging locations are concentrated across California, the Northeast, the East Coast and the Washington, D.C. metro area. Other areas with plenty of EVgo chargers include Chicago, Detroit, the Florida coast, Texas’ main cities and the Pacific Northwest. Several central, mountain and southern states do not have any EVgo charging locations. 

How Do You Find an EVgo EV Charging Station? 

You can use VinFast to search for EVgo charging stations in the list of charging stations that can apply VinFast’s free charging incentive programs. Find our more HERE

Or you can find an EVgo charging station by using the map on the EVgo website. The EVgo app also shows real-time charger availability and your current charging session, and it even lets you reserve a charger. You can use the app to see chargers near you or search for chargers in a specific area. 

How Fast are EVgo’s EV Charging Stations? 

EVgo offers Level 2 and fast chargers, with charging speeds from 50 to 350 kWh. That means EVgo’s fastest chargers are competitive with top rival charging networks. You can find EVgo’s fast chargers by searching on the app and filtering by charging speed. 

How Much Does it Cost to Use an EVgo Charging Station? 

If you are using VinFast’s free charging incentive programs, rest assured, you only need to pay exception fees such as idle fees, etc. If you are not using these incentive programs, EVgo’s pricing varies by region because prices are adjusted based on local utility pricing.  

Prices also vary based on whether you’re signed up for one of EVgo’s membership plans or if you pay as you go. All plans include lots of variables that further affect pricing, such as time-of-use pricing adjustments (based on whether you’re charging at a low-demand or high-demand time of day). Furthermore, all sessions initiated by credit card have a fee of $2.99. EVgo’s website does not mention idle fees. 

Update till 20/09/2023:  

Pay-as-you-go users can pay as little as $0.24 kWh, plus a session fee of $0.99 and a $3 fee to reserve a charger in advance. 

The EVgo Basic plan is similar to pay-as-you-go, although it has a monthly fee of $0.99 and no session fee 

EVgo Plus is best for users who use the network three to five times a month. Rates are as low as $0.27 per kWh and there is a monthly fee of $6.99, $0 session fee too 

For users who charge on the network six times a month or more, the EVgo PlusMax plan has rates as low as $0.15 per kWh and a monthly fee of $12.99 and $0.99 session fee.  

When Should You Use an EVgo Charging Station? 

The most efficient case for EV ownership is when you can charge at home or at work. That said, this isn’t possible for some EV drivers. Public charging networks fill the gaps for drivers who can’t charge where their car is parked for a long period of time, or when they need to charge on a longer trip. EVgo’s network is a good choice for drivers who need a charger in the areas where EVgo chargers are available, which includes primarily coastal states and cities, along with plenty of chargers in other major metro areas. 

Is the EVgo Network Better Than Rival Fast-Charging Networks? 

EVgo’s network is smaller and less widespread than most other rival charging networks. EVgo operates in just over 30 states, while most of the bigger and more robust networks operate in nearly every state. However, EVgo’s website claims the company plans to triple the network’s size over the next five years, so EVgo will likely improve its standing in this area. Where EVgo may have an advantage over rivals is in terms of reliability. EVgo claims a commitment to 98% network uptime. It’s hard to compare pricing across networks since there are so many factors, but EVgo says they “offer the lowest possible rates in each area” by basing costs on regional utility pricing. 

With the above prospects, EVgo will be a very good choice next to other charging stations in VinFast’s public charging network. Don’t forget to follow new announcements from VinFast for more information about charging incentive programs, charging station systems across the US,…