E-VIN TIPs & TRICKs Episode 3: Solar Energy and Your VinFast VF 8 — The Perfect Combo!

Great news for all VinFast enthusiasts!

Our latest episode of “E-VIN Tips and Tricks is an absolute must-watch. Our charismatic host takes us on an intriguing journey into the EV world alongside three special guests: Athena and Tabatha, proud VinFast VF 8 owners, and Leo, an authority on solar energy.

Our host – Ms.Thuy Van, Athena, Tabatha, and Leo engage in an enlightening discussion.

Athena: Unveiling the Convenience of Charging

Athena, a proud VF 8 owner since June, speak candidly about her charging habits. She appreciates the accessibility of public charging stations but after learning the perks from Leo, is seriously contemplating the integration of solar panels into her home charging setup.

Athena reveals her current VF 8 charging methods and shows interest in solar solutions for the future.

Tabatha: From Skeptic to Solar Advocate

Tabatha, a realtor by profession, narrates her evolution from a solar skeptic to an enthusiast. After encountering challenges with public charging, she opted for a home charging station. Tabatha speaks on her staggering reduction in fuel expenses, which now equate to only a mere 10% of her previous gasoline costs.

Tabatha highlights her transformative journey with VF 8 and the financial freedom gained through home charging.

Leo: Unlocking the Full Potential of Solar and EV Synergy

Leo, our solar expert, digs into the nitty-gritty of substantial cost savings through solar energy, including:

  • Charging Infrastructure: The abundance of charging stations in California makes EVs more economical.
  • Rebates: Leverage state and federal rebates to lower the upfront cost of solar installations.
  • Carpool Lane Access: Utilize the carpool lane during peak hours for time and cost savings.
  • Electricity Rates: With rising rates, solar energy provides a shield against surging electricity costs.
  • Gas Savings: Save over $1,000 annually by driving an electric vehicle.
  • Peak Hour Rates: Navigate peak hours more efficiently with a solar and battery system.
  • Federal Tax Credits: Available savings of 30% off on solar and battery projects.
  • Energy Storage: A home battery can store excess energy, ensuring benefits from your solar production.
  • Monthly Gas Savings: Cut down your gas expenditure from $200 to around $100-$150 per month.

Leo provides a comprehensive guide to realizing significant savings through solar and electric vehicle synergy.

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