One Year Strong: VinFast Community's Electrifying United Journeys

Reflecting on a year that saw dreams turn into tangible realities, we celebrate the unwavering spirit of innovation and community that drives us. Every mile traveled, every connection made, tells a story of progress and passion. Join us in revisiting these transformative moments.

Driving Change, One Story at a Time

The heart of our journey lies in the stories of our members – the visionaries, the early adopters, the dreamers. Each story is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how innovation, when embraced by a community, can lead to extraordinary achievements. From the first-time EV owner to the tech enthusiast, these narratives embody the spirit of VinFast – a spirit of courage, innovation, and collective progress. Join us as we share these remarkable stories that are not just about cars, but about the people who drive them and the future they envision. 


 Shining Pioneers

And there are many more intriguing VinFast driving stories from other members that we look forward to sharing with you. As we reflect on these milestones, our hearts are filled with gratitude. To our community, your passion and support have been the driving force behind every achievement. With you, VinFast is more than a brand; it’s a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Here’s to many more years of innovation, community, and boundless together!

Together, We Electrify the Future!