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  • Erik Halseth

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    02/17/2024 at 22:18

    Hi everyone! First post!

    Just took delivery of a white VF8 Plus. The shopping process is definitely different than just heading over to my local automall and getting something, but it worked out okay. First test drove during a massive rainstorm 13 days ago (Sunday, 2/4, I believe). Thought I might be picking up a car within a couple of days, but it ended up taking nearly two weeks. My salesperson found me a car, and here we are.

    I did most of the paperwork during the ride to the dealership in Ventura. Easy because my sales rep picked me up since family was out of town, and couldn’t drive with me from Thousand Oaks.

    Only bad thing was the techs had turned off the power in the service area the night before, so the car didn’t charge over night and no one checked in the morning. Such is life. But range anxiety is a real thing when you start at ~36% in your first EV. Stopped at the Oaks Mall on the way home and went from 32% to ~37%. First thing tomorrow I’ll be visiting a local fast charger and getting back to full charge.

    Can wait to start making some small mods like blacking out the badges and maybe a new set of wheels. And maybe some ceramic window tint to keep it cool in the summer. Looking forward to getting to know the VF8 and the EV life….