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  • Chris Gerrick

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    11/07/2023 at 17:35

    The problem is the car and software.

    I use the VinFast charger to charge my Tesla (I have the adaptor) since we currently only have 1 level 2 charge port in the garage. My Tesla never fails to charge with the Vinfast charger however the Vinfast will not charge. I have adjusted the Amps for the VinFast from 32 to 30 to 28 to 24. to be honest, nothing works.

    I have tried 2 generic chargers (bought and returned) with the same results. The Tesla works with any charger while the VinFast wont charge with any charger.

    The VinFast even fails at charging stations, Electrify America and ChargePoint.

    7 months with no solution, I think e have been more than patient and should expect fair compensation.

    After the big software upgrade the charging did improve for some time and I actually saw better battery performance but now we are back to charge fails every 10 minutes.

    If I can’t charge the car and if the basic safety functions dont work, what in the world did I get tricked into?