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  • hoang van

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    08/21/2023 at 17:49

    Hi Salvador,

    Most EVs could take hyper fast charging at minimal damage to battery longevity. I have had my Tesla model S for over 6 years, got it brand new, I have always super charged, never slow charge at home. After 53 thousand miles, the battery life lost about 5-9% charge. That is impressive considering I always super charge. I don’t see how VF8 could be so much different than my Tesla, of course, the only scientific way is to test it after 6 years. Just a reminder, never super charge to over 90% battery level, I personally keep super charging up to 80% then I stop. Never let your EV drop below 20% for too long either.

    Slow charging, Level 2 charging (20 miles or so per hour) is better for battery compared to hyper fast. But in 2023 where life is busy, hectic, and unpredictable. There are times where you would occasionally hyper fast charge and it should not be a problem. No need to worry too much in this department.